We’ve closed UCAS for 2018 – go to: www.TeachYorkshire.com

Our schools are closed from 20th July to 3rd September, so we’ve closed all of our 2018 courses on UCAS now. Sorry!

So if you’d still prefer to train to teach with the Doncaster ITT Partnership, then you’ll have to wait to apply for a place to start in September 2019 now.

If so, we’ll be reopening our applications again in the Autumn Term.

However, if you really still want to start your teacher training this September, then although it’s very late, some providers might still be recruiting over the summer.

To find a local schools-based provider go to: Teach Yorkshire

Or search on UCAS.

Good luck with your applications, otherwise we hope to hear from you next term about applying to us.

Either way have a great summer!

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