*** ‘Drop-in’ sessions in Doncaster***

Need to talk to someone about your application?

It’s always great to meet with and talk to potential applicants wanting to apply to train to teach in Doncaster, so if you have queries about our training programme or if you want to discuss any aspect of your application, then please let us know when its convenient for you from the following dates and we’ll arrange to ‘see’ you at one of our 1-1 ‘Drop-in’ Sessions:


Book a Place if you would like to attend a session between 10am and 4pm on:

  • Tue 8th Feb
  • Tue 1st Mar
  • Wed 16th Mar
  • Tue 29th Mar

Other Events:

Confirmation of dates/times and details of further 1-1 Sessions will be posted here once finalised.

We’ll have more events after Easter, so please check back here for further dates

If none of these are convenient for you, please let us know through the ‘Contact Us’ and we’ll try and arrange an alternative time to speak to you.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Previous Events:


  • Wed 3rd Nov
  • Tue 16th Nov
  • Tue 30th Nov
  • Tue 14th Dec


  • Thu 20th Jan

Also look out for other posts with details of the DfE (Department for Education) Train to Teach Roadshows taking place in the Region and our own Teach Yorkshire on-line Events.


11 thoughts on “*** ‘Drop-in’ sessions in Doncaster***”

  1. Hi, I am interested in attending the 29th March Open Day however I believe your dates are wrong. You have advertised 29th being a Thursday when infact it is a Wednesday.
    Please can you confirm if your open day is on WED 29th or THURS 30th.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Abbey Goodwin

    1. Yes, sorry Abbey, it is the 29th so Wednesday, not Thursday.

      We’ve corrected it on our site now.

      Our apologies for any confusion

      We look forward to seeing you at Ridgewood School on Weds 29th.

  2. Any updates on when these events will take place??? I am very interested in the school direct approach but have a few questions that need answering

    1. Lucy – We still need to confirm venues with Partner schools, but we do now have a Train to Teach event being hosted by the NCTL in Doncaster on Thu 11th May, so could meet with you then if you can attend? – Go to: Get into teaching – Teaching Event Doncaster for details.

      Alternatively, please feel free to ring us: (01302) 7373046 or email: ittpartnership@doncaster.gov.uk and we’ll be happy to discuss your application.

      If not, we hope to be able to confirm ‘drop-in’ dates by the end of this week, now that schools are back from the Easter holiday.

      We look forward to speaking to you or meeting you soon.


    1. Yes we’re currently promoting two further dates in April (2nd & 30th) and we will post details of other days after Easter, once agreed with schools.

      Please see details in our ‘Drop-in’ sessions in Doncaster blog post.

      We look forward to seeing you at a future event

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